Necklace Bead Embroidery made from pearls, Rhodochrosite, Agate, color gold plated beads and 14K gold filled findings . Medal winning 3 strand necklace made with Swarovski beads and gold filled findings. Classy Autumn colors

Bead embroidered lace collar with real butterfly wings . Bead embroidery and beadwork Necklace Masterpiece made with real butterfly wings. Finalist piece Bead Dreams 2012.

Beaded Bead Necklace Beaded Bead aan zilveren ketting gemaakt van sterling zilver, parels, granaat en quartz

Gold medal prize winning design 2010 Wedding & Holiday. Micro Pearls ( 1.5 mm ), huge pearls, button pearls and real roses in this prize winning necklace! Black Olive shell, pearls, Steampunk Parts ( watch gears ), Vintaj and again real roses ..... on Vintage Lace....  Remember Me!

Steampunk and Real Roses Beautiful necklace made from lace, Swarovski and Vintaj

With Love... Necklace from Opals, Tanzanite, Spinel, vermeil and 14, goldfilled findings



Work in Progress

Later more....